Stroke Resources 

  • American Stroke Association (A Division of the Amercian Heart Association) 1-888-4-STROKE 1-888-478-7653

  • National Aphasia Association 1-800-922-4622 www.aphasia.orgG
  • American Dietetic Association  1-800-877-1600
  • National Institute of Nerological Disorders and Stroke (A part of the National Institutes of Health) 1-800-352-9424
  • The Centers for Disease and Prevention Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention 1-770-488-2424

Cancer Resources

Parkinson's Disease Resources

Alzheimer's Disease Resources

 Diabetes Resources

  • American Diabetes Association 212-725-4925
  • National Diabetes Educational Program
  • Centers for Disease Control - Diabetes Public Health Resource 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)

Heart Disease Resources

Multiple Sclerosis Resources