Medication Management

Which pill now? Did I Already Take It?

The problem is those pill bottles. Who can sort it all out?

Let Unlimited Health Care Services help. With our senior services, we can make the complicated job of taking multiple medications at various times easy. We will help take the stress away from you and your loved ones. By taking the right pills at the right time, you will feel better right away.

We offer several different options for the management of your medications. We have licensed nurses who will come and assist in organizing and evaluating the best system for each individual client.

Whether you choose to have our licensed pharmacy provide a specialized packaging system or simply a licensed nurse to assist with filling your pill organizers, our in home senior services make it safe and simple.


Fill pill organizers (traditional) Per visit - weekly - biweekly
M.O.T. (Medication On Time) Pre-filled med cups directly from pharmacy Per month
Medication dispenser (programmable machine)

Monthly monitoring
Dispenser filled by a licensed nurse
Installation fee?
Monthly monitoring?
Per visit usually twice a month
Licensed Nurse Fee (mandatory with ALL medication services)

All medication changes - Per visit by licensed nurse